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TC Muzique Established 1988

Now Streaming TC Series Best Of Episodes 
Complements of   Charity Warriors of Minnesota and The Music Green House of Minneapolis

Special Thanks to Flashpoint Industries and Treasured Chests Events


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                WHY DO WE SOUND SO GOOD?

               IS WHY WE SOUND SO GOOD !!!
                       AT THE GREENHOUSE

Studio Address: 125 SE Main Street Minneapolis MN. 

Studio Directions: 

Because we are located in the "Saint Anthony Main Building  Complex" Googling the address just does not get it done so...
Find the intersection of 2nd Street SE Minneapolis and 2nd Avenue SE Minneapolis. Walk down the driveway and enter into the doors with the number 125 directly above them. Walk in and go down the hallway. Just  across from the stairs going down and prior to the stairs going up you will see TV's  on the right displayed in a window.. Your there. Enter and walk in your 2nd door on the left.... If lost just ask for "Studio A" Below is a view map link for your convenience. 

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This, a cable access television program who's mission is the promotion of local musicians in the Twin Cities area . The show was created by Marido C. Huber, and is now run by Executive Producer Art Roy and Producers Eric Rech and Aaron Cackoski. The show is hosted by Mister Swizzo ( Jay Smiley ) and Kelly Moore. TC Muzique is a non-profit organization which has been cable cast from the Twin Cities since 1988. The show is owned by Production by Ear, Nel Harrison Studios, and The Music Greenhouse, all locally owned Twin Cities based businesses. The show is served by an all volunteer staff and is the oldest running live music show of its kind in the world. It is cable cast from the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network located at 125 SE Main Street Minneapolis MN in the world famous Studio "A".




TC Muzique invites bands of all musical genre to play. Rock n Roll, Jazz, Country, Hip Hop, Salsa, Blues, or Instrumental. Something different each week to appeal to the huge fan base it has accumulated over the years. 
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